Clinical centrifuges serie cn

Clinical centrifuges are wildly used in the separation of serum, plasma, aurea, blood samples and other routine applications in hospital and research laboratories.


High speed micro-centrifuge are widely used in physical and chemistry analysis, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, clinical labs and blood donation centers, and is ideal for high-end research application:

  • Sedimentation of cells and viruses
  • Separation of sub-cellular organelles
  • Isolation of macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins or lipids


The CN45 clinical centrifuges are pratical centrifuges for use with small sample volumes. The centrifugesare supllied with an angle rotor that can hold up to 15mlx8 or 10ml/7ml/5mlx12 vacuum tubes. They are widely used in medical and veterinary pratices for the centrifugation of blood and urine samples, in environmental analyses for the clarification of water and soil samples or schools and other educational facilities as an aid for teaching.


Our hematocrit centrifuge is used for determination of volume fractions of erythrocytes in blood for diagnostic purposes and doping tests. Also it is used to derive plasma for the photometric determination of the bilirubin content of the blood of neonates. Hematocrit centrifuge with rotor is suit for 1.5/2ml tubes, which can be used for extraction of DNA and RNA.

Code Description
CN-70M HIGH SPEED micro-centrifuges 7000rpm – 2ml/1.5mlX8 / PCR 0.2mlX16
CN-45 Clinical centrifuges 300 – 4500rpm – Angle Rotor 15mlX8 – 10/7/5mlX12 – 8x15ml
CN-140H Hematocrit centrifuge 200-14000rpm – Hematocrit Rotor 1.5/2mlX24 Cap.


Code Description
D2-0100 Fixed rotor 2ml/1.5(ml)x24 – 0.2(ml)x24 – 0.5(ml)x24 (max 14000rpm) (for CN140H)
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