ORMA s.r.l. is an italian company with a long story behind. Orma has began its activity in 1948 with the production of laboratory balances.
The turning point came in 1994 when the company was taken over by the current owner.
A winning strategy is far-seeing, both in space and time; implementing research and technology to constantly improve its products, opening up new frontiers and extending to new markets has transformed it into a reference point for laboratory world.
In the years that followed, an intense renewal plan was activated for both the work and logistics processes, and for the structure, with the new transfer to the headquarters Sesto San Giovanni in 2019.
The company has adopted the ISO quality system with the aim to constantly improving over time.
With the continuous evolution of the market and thanks to the consolidated experience in the sector, in 2008 ORMA s.r.l. decides to create a new brand €UROTEK to separate and identify the part of microscopy and scientific instrumentation marketed by us.
Thanks to the targeted choice of selected partners, a fast and dynamic service, a proactive approach for sales and meticulous attention to customer needs, today, ORMA s.r.l. is able to
provide lines of tools that are used daily in scientific, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial
research and teaching laboratories.
An experience and an awareness accumulated over the years, makes ORMA s.r.l. proud in offering a 360° technical assistance and maintenance service for all products, synonymous with safety and reliability over time


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